Steve Gilliss

Steve Gilliss

Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Marketing Director

Expertise: Marketing & Brand Management / Emerging Media & Technologies / Business Development / Concert Promotion / Event Planning / Leadership

Steve Gilliss is an experienced, passionate leader with a keen social focus. Steve has spent 20 years working as a consultant for enterprise companies that range from 5000 to 125,000 employees. Steve has a Commerce Degree as well as a Technology Diploma and is currently working on a sound engineering diploma.

Steve has spent several years in the music industry, working with incredible artists such as Joe Perry, Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt, Gene Simmons and companies such as Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, Worldwide Music Ventures, William Morris Agency, Feldman Agency and many more.

Steve has also spent several years advocating and raising awareness for Military Veterans through VETS Canada and the Guitars for Vets Organizations. Helping homeless and in crisis veterans is a cause that is enormously important work that he is very proud to be a significant part of.

Steve is extremely excited to be starting a new chapter with XIII INC and being a part of company with a significantly different approach to both the music and film industry.

“Working with Steve and XIII Inc. has been a real joy. They are very organized and get things done”

Barbara Michaels

CEO, Calgary

Every time I have worked with XIII Inc., Steve and his team have done an amazing job!

Bob Plankard

Club Owner, Thai Bar