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Upcoming Features and Films  

Rise of The 2000 Sons

This Feature film is set in time of 3000BC. The story line is based on the way of the land and of the people of a time so long ago that it is often forgot on how people once were able to live in way so different from the way we live now. The people of the land and of the earth handled differences in a much different way…. 

Rise Of The 2000 SONS

This  is going to be an epic feature film featuring Gerald Auger 

All The Right Things

Set in the late 70’s, follow the story of two teenage besties and their summer of love, heartbreak and travel as they set across the of land of the free to reach the coastal waters of California. 

Product Feature

Two young besties head out on the adventure of their lives as they head west through the land of the free. Follow along and feel all the emotions of love, heart-break and joy of their teenage dreams. Set in the 70’s this rollercoaster ride of emotion will have you laughing and crying along as it takes you on a journey to remember.


Based on the true story of Lewis and Clark and their expedition led by Sacajawea. This feature film told through her eyes and how her power and insightfulness played such an enormous part in Lewis and Clark’s survival.

Set in the scenic landscape of Alberta, it is a movie of sheer beauty that will capture your eyes and your heart!

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