Gerald Auger

Gerald Auger

Expertise: Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

Gerald Auger – actor, producer, writer, director, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, National Native Role Model of Woodland Cree descent from Alberta, Canada. 

Gerald is taking his film projects by storm, continuing his mission to change the traditional stereotype of Indigenous people and how they are perceived. We Are: Justice Nation campaign, Windcatcher, Lost Face, and Anichkov Bridge are his latest additions taking new heights this fall.

Gerald has spent 20 years in Hollywood as an actor in a variety of films and television series. As a writer, producer and directors Gerald’s first film, Walking Alone, received industry acclaim and won awards for Best Film and Best Director. Gerald’s second film in 2008, National Film Board of Canada was also an award-winning documentary Honour Thy Father, Best Film Representing Cultural Diversity. 

Some of his most notable television and screen roles have been playing Pawnee Killer on AMC’s Hell On Wheels, Soaring Eagle – Steven Spielberg’s Into The West, Dreamkeeper for Hallmark Entertainment, My West with Harvey Keitel and the Late David Bowie, IMAX/National Geographic’s Lewis and Clark – The Journey West, FUBAR 2, CBC’s – Strange Empire, CTV’s – Luna Spirit of the Whale. His latest International film projects in 2016 are Anichov’s Bridge (Russia), Lost Face (USA/Australia) and Bohemian Blood (Canada/International.) Auger continues to produce films, television series and documentaries aiming to advance the status and expose the stereotyping of his people.

Auger is the face behind We Are: Justice Nation that is an International campaign by Mindshadow Entertainment for the Superhero genre. They are currently working on a platform for this campaign that includes a comic book, an animated series and a feature film. We Are: Justice Nation is about the modern day hero and shero as the Voice of this generation and the next.

Windcatcher: The Story of Sacajawea is an epic film now in development by Spirit Wind Films. The Windcatcher project is the story of Lewis and Clark Expedition from Sacajawae’s perspective which for the first time is from an Indigenous woman’s perspective and has never been done before in Hollywood. Auger plays Chief Cameahwait.

Auger has been on his spiritual journey for over 20 years. It has taught him that life is not what it seems in the physical world. That humanity needs to come together in unity and healing for the children and their children’s children. That the division being created by the human being is only going to lead to more chaos, confusion and mayhem in life for our children and those yet to be born.

Gerald is not only a great actor, he is a joy to work with! His beautiful spirituality shines always through his amazing character.

Bob Riley

Casting Director, Riley's Casting

I have worked with Gerald on “Hell On Wheels” His determination to get things right and full of the right energy on the first take made my job easier and budget friendly.

Joanne Smith

Director, Radience Reels

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